Michelle Reuter


BSc Architecture, Queens University Belfast

Work placement, McGonigle McGrath (MGMG), Belfast 



Full CV


Areas of Interest


- Structure within design; how it can be used to inform the making of space and the expression of the building. 

- Botanical structures


- How we perceive and interpret the built environment; the psychological effects of the built environment and how that may affect interaction and daily function.

- Reflecting upon who has responsibility for the built environment, throughout the different stages of its lifespan.
- Public/free space 




Skill Base


- Model making

- Architectural and still life photography

- Critical observation, especially in detailing

- Precision, detail drawing

- AutoCad, Photoshop




Extra Curricular Activity


- Commissioned design and build of website for a tutor; cacity.org

- ArcSoc representative September 2013 - 2015 

- Weekly volunteering at PLACE (2012-2013)

- Attendance at lectures given by AarSoc, FAB, PLACE, AIARG and the RSUA

- Photography: for Queens University and personal development

- FAB summer school 2013

- Published photography for QUB End of Year Show 2013 and FAB Summer School 2013 in Perspective : the journal of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects, September- October 2013 v.22 no.5

- RSUA, placed first in the student category of Hidden Heritage Photography competition

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